Witness the unique Langkawi squid challenge

Langkawi squid challenge 3

Watching someone fish can be quite boring, but watching over 25 teams trying to win a squid challenge that goes on through the night is a whole other experience. The squid challenge held in Langkawi attracts people from across the globe and over 100’s of kilos of squid are captured throughout the night. While planning your Langkawi itinerary, take into account that you will spend a night watching and cheering as multiple boats speed out to the sea in the night to capture squid and win multiple prizes

Starting at sunset, the sight of watching the sea light up with the floodlights used by the boats is definitely worth seeing. As the night progresses, you will see kilos over kilos of squid being brought to shore and measured to note who captured which squid and who the winners are. Watch the locals use their age-old techniques to capture squid and compare it with the methods used by the foreigners. You will be amazed by the skill sets on display and shocked at the different techniques used to capture squids.

Langkawi squid challenge

While the boats full of fishermen are busy trying to win the competition, you can cheer them on along with the rest of the crowd gathered on the beach. 

As the night progresses on you can walk about trying squids cooked in different styles and maybe try to guess which boat will capture the most squids for a fun time. Watching the men on the boats come back to shore to know their fate in the competition gets a buzz around the neighbouring beach as the prize distribution is eagerly awaited by everyone. Almost every year a record is broken, either in the kilo’s captured or the largest squid. Who knows, maybe you get to witness a new record get made during the night?

Langkawi squid challenge

Events like these are not heavily advertised or hyped and are mostly known to the locals in the community. If you are keen to be a part of such unique activities, we recommend hiring a local travel guide from Locaguide who can give you access to this event and many more! Whether you want to learn new things about the local community or just join in on the fun, Langkawi will never be the same again!

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