Sarawak Cultural Village – A living museum of culture

sarawak1Traditional wooden houses in the Kuching to Sarawak Culture village.

A short drive from Kuching is the Sarawak Cultural Village. The famous cultural park offers an insight into the local lifestyle of tribes. The village showcases cultural elements from the various ethnic groups of Sarawak. Ranging from traditional houses, locals wearing ethnic attire etc, the park has a lot to offer for all age groups.

Things to do

 Iban traditional dance performer
Iban traditional dance performer

The village staff here share stories and explain the way of life of the tribes as they welcome you into their homes. Explore their lifestyle and way of living as you walk around the village. In addition to houses, try your hand at hunting like the locals, or the blowpipes. Try to learn the local musical instruments and dance routines with the villagers. Furthermore, the cultural village offers many photo-worthy moments and dance performances. The experience they offer is something that will keep you talking about the troupe for days to come.

The locals of Sarawak village
The Bidayuh girls of Sarawak

Activities in Sculpture park

You can spend the afternoon walking in the sculpture park and reflecting on the meaning of stone art. Afterward, sit around the waterfall watching a performance by the locals, as you sip on one of the local teas.

Meanwhile, if you prefer some activity, you can go kayaking in the stream that flows through the village. Also, spend time at the beach near the village, swimming in the warm water and working up an appetite.

The Group of kayaks flowing down the river
The Group of kayaks flowing down the river

Finally, a meal at one of the many restaurants will give you a chance to try the traditional dishes of the Sarawak tribes.

 By the way, the best way to experience the Sarawak Cultural Village is with a local guided tour. Customise your itinerary with help from a local travel expert from Locaguide. Be sure to request for a guided tour of your liking to experience Kuching in the best way possible.
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