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A short trip from Kota Kinabalu, Mari Mari is a village where the ethnic culture of the Borneo tribes is kept alive. The village houses five of the indigenous Borneo tribes, who continue to live in their old ways. The lifestyle, culture and history of each tribe is shared with the tourist who visit Mari Mari Cultural Village.

You can see first hand how they lived, how they worked, what they wore and their customs and traditions that set them apart from each other. Tales of the tribe’s rich past are told and ancient customs of the tribes are shared with everyone who visits them. You can partake in the customs and activities to experience them personally. Each tribe showcases their hunting skills and survival skills to the tourists who come to experience the cultural village.

Things to see and do

You can taste and eat the local food of the tribes and see how they prepared the food and maybe even try your hand at preparing a dish. Moreover as you sit to eat with them, each tribe will share tales of their ancestors and how their tribe name came about and what it stands for. The experience of eating in a village that is ancient beyond time is something you are bound to remember forever.

Spending half a day at the cultural village of Mari Mari is something you will truly enjoy, as the experience is something unlike any other you will find elsewhere. However, being a short trip from Kota Kinabalu, the surrounding is a natural habit of rainforest trees and the silence you hear is an escape from the hustle bustle of the city.

Furthermore, the experience of visiting the Mari Mari Cultural Village gets even better if you have a local travel guide accompanying you, who can help you translate and understand the stories of the tribes and help you grasp the true essence of the cultural village. Find yourself a suitable local guide from Locaguide and plan a personalized itinerary with their help. Visit this cultural village with him and get a glimpse of tribal life in the Borneo islands.

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