Visit Ipoh’s haunted Kellie’s Castle

Kellie's Castle

On your trip to Ipoh, Malaysia you cannot miss visiting the Kellie’s Castle. A truly haunting experience, either at the sight of the castle or because of the multiple supernatural sightings. Situated a short drive from the city of Ipoh, the best way to reach the castle would be a private taxi. Your local tour guide from Locaguide can help you book and negotiate the correct fare for the same.

The Kellie's Castle
The Kellie’s Castle

Sightings at Kellie’s Castle

Built by a Scottish engineer as a gift for his wife, but left incomplete due to his untimely death; the castle remains filled with stories from locals and tourist of the supernatural sightings and historical facts. Those revolving around the castle’s construction, about the types of materials used and the ancient methods of construction. The castle alongside also makes for a photographer’s paradise! With sights and a labyrinth of underground paths, the castle takes quite a few hours to explore and experience the haunting sensation.

Ruins of Kellie's Castle
Ruins of Kellie’s Castle

Get talking with the locals or other tourists around when you visit the castle. And you stand bound to hear at least a couple of stories that involve a sighting or experience involving the undead. A few stories by the locals are descriptive enough to send chills down your spine. If you possibly want to get a first-hand ghostly experience then consult your local guide from Locaguide. He/ She may take you to the spots that might hold multiple sightings and gain an experience of your own to share with others.

Include Kellie’s Castle in your Malaysia itinerary not only for the haunting stories and experiences but for the gorgeous sight. Also, not to forget the picture-perfect views of the castle. All in all this place would make you feel like a pro photographer because of the ideal design.  


Visit the mighty Seven Wells Waterfall of Langkawi

Seven Wells Waterfall 1

Telaga Tujuh, locally known as the Seven Wells Waterfall, signifies the occurrence of seven wells that overflow into each other. Almost like seven natural infinity pools, they combine to give birth to one big waterfall. Located a short trip from Langkawi town centre, this collection of pools will take you back to your childhood days. 

The way uphill to Seven Wells Waterfall
The way uphill

How to get to the Seven Wells Waterfall

Like all things good, to truly enjoy the brilliance of the Seven Wells Waterfalls you have to go that extra mile. Rest assured, your walk uphill is worth it once you reach the top and slide into the higher pools. The exploration through the rainforest lets you experience the beauty of the place and get up close with nature.

The rocks polished and smoothened due to the flowing stream of water constitute to form a slide into the pools. After all the climbing and trekking, you can’t resist but slide into one of the shallow pools. Take a refreshing swim and soak into the beauty of nature. While the surrounding flora makes up for most of the view, you can also spot the blue waters of Buara Bay!

The water pools

The view atop and the adrenaline rush from the trek makes you realise why Telaga Tujuh occurs on every tourist’s list. But here’s a word of caution when you visit this waterfalls. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, so make sure you take care while getting in and out of the pool. Also, look out for rocks near the cliffs as they can be very slippery. Hire a local travel guide to pay a visit to this natural wonder who can guide you at every step. With Locaguide you can hire a guide to explore the Seven Wells Waterfall. A perfect person to take care of all the needs and to ensure your safety throughout the trip. Also, keep the pesky monkeys, at a distance because they cause inconvenience to the climbers.


Experience pristine beauty at the Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park 1

The Kinabalu National Park

The Kinabalu National Park is a World UNESCO site. Home to over thousands of birds and mammals, the Kinabalu National Park features very high on everyone’s list of places to see in Malaysia. Moreover with multiple parts within the park, you can easily spend a whole day of your Kota Kinabalu itinerary at the Kinabalu National Park.

Kinabalu National Park

Things to do and see

If you hope to experience everything the park has to offer, start early and carry a change of clothes with you. You can choose what all you want to spend your time doing at the park, However we recommend you hire a local travel guide to help you find your way around the park easily. A travel guide from Locaguide will be able to advise you on how to experience the Kinabalu National Park in the best manner possible.

Interact with the cattle and sheep at the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, as you feed the sheep and watch them frolic in the open fields. Watching the sheep fight to eat what you offer them and the others playing and grazing in the fields is therapeutic in its own way!

Next, head to the butterfly farm that has a spectacular variety of butterflies all around, surrounded by a variety of fauna present in the park. Moreover a walk through this part of the park allows you to see butterflies of every colour imaginable and you’ll be shocked to see how large a few of them can get!

Furthermore, the canopy walks at this park allows you to observe the flora and fauna the park has to offer along with a variety of landscapes. You can spend a good 2 hours, walking and exploring the park and still feel like you haven’t spent enough time in it.

Kinabalu National Park

As you walk around and explore more of the park, let the beauty of nature and the landscapes you just saw sink in and engulf you!0


Take a Tour of Indonesia at Taman Mini Indonesia

Riau pavilionRiau Pavilion in Taman Mini Indonesia Park

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which translates to Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park is your chance to see the diversity of magnificent Indonesia. And all of it in just under one day!

A short trip from Jakarta, the theme park sprawls over an area of 100 hectares. It holds a realistic miniature reproduction of all the Indonesian islands in a central lake. Surrounding the lake are several pavilions, each representing a different province. Right from the province’s architecture style to an exhibition of the province’s cultural artefacts, everything looks authentic. The centrepiece of this magnificent park is a gorgeous artificial lake, where you can also go for a boat ride.

Istana Anak Anak Playcentre
Istana Anak Anak Playcentre

Taman Mini Indonesia showcases the vast variety of plant species across Indonesia in the numerous gardens created within the park. Also included are a walk-in bird park, multiple museums and a recreation area with gardens, swimming pools and restaurants.

Reflecting Indonesia’s social and cultural diversity, the park holds temples and mosques and religious buildings of several faiths. This in order to showcase the tolerance and religious harmony between the multiple faiths that coexist in the country. Furthermore, the park also showcases cultural performances, events and local delicacies from each of the country’s provinces.

Things to do and see at Taman Mini Indonesia

West Sumatra Pavilion
West Sumatra Pavilion

It is easy to spend the whole day in the park and still not have a chance to experience all that it ought to offer. While here, take the cable car ride to get an aerial view of the park. Or you can also rent out cycles to go through the provinces which you might not able to explore otherwise. Take help from your local guide from Locaguide to find your way around the park. He will also tell you the specialities and the difference in the provinces for a better understanding of Indonesian heritage.

If you missed buying souvenirs during your Jakarta city tour, then you can rely on Taman Mini Indonesia. It is a great place to pick up something from every province of Indonesia. The recreational park stays true to its slogan “Visit Taman Mini, Love Indonesia”. This slogan reminds you of the vastness, diversity and hospitability of Indonesia.