The world we live in is a melting pot of cultures and festivals steeped in rich heritage. Discover within these articles the way life is rejoiced and celebrated across the globe and be a part of events that will enrich the soul


Street art hunt in Georgetown, Penang

streetart1 Wall artwork called "Brother and Sister" street art in George Town, Penang

A trip to Penang is not complete without checking out the many quirky street arts Georgetown. has become famous for! Started as an activity to boost tourism, the municipal corporation commissioned artist Ernest Zacharevic to give a makeover to the sleepy little town. Since then, there has been no looking back since then! More street art has cropped up all over Penang, reflecting its local culture. The artwork is ever evolving and takes a bit of looking to actually spot and appreciate. Most of the pieces in plain sight while a few are in narrow alleyways. Looking for a art piece is almost like a live treasure hunt!

Locating the street art

Once you land in Penang, take the help of a map to find the artwork. Also, explore the alleys and bylanes to spot the street arts at the most unlikely places. Searching and locating the street art is one of the best ways to get a tour of Penang. While some of these paintings tell you fun facts about the city, the others celebrate the history and heritage of Georgetown, to put the stories of the past back into the city. If the walking and searching feel overwhelming to you, the most convenient way to do this is to take a guided tour of Penang from Locaguide where you can customise your itinerary to include a street art tour. While you’re on this tour, ask your local guide to help you find the famous and the not so famous ones and share tales of local life in Penang.

Penang wire art and mural at Victoria street
The wire frame arts work is around the Georgetown heritage zone in Penang , Malaysia

Moreover, some of the pieces are so realistic that they are often mistaken for actual children or people. The only telltale sign to spot them can be a person striking pose near them or by going right up to the wall. One of the best ways to experience these street arts is by posing with the painting and almost becoming a part of the picture. And that’s what sets the street art of Penang apart – by being interactive and engaging the visitor!

view of a mural 'Little children on a bicycle
General view of a mural ‘Little children on a bicycle’ painted by Ernest Zacharevic in Penang on Nov 24, 2012. The mural is one of the 9 murals paintings in early 2012.

Bring out your inner child at Legoland Malaysia

Legoland1Legoland Malaysia

No trip to Johor Bahru is complete without visiting Legoland! A themed amusement park where both adults and kids have the time of their life. In fact, all the focus here is on the Lego! Legoland is the perfect place to spend a whole day enjoying rides and eating fun food while on Malaysian holiday.

With a park for every age group, Legoland is the perfect place for a family adventure.This super fun theme park has many options to choose from! As a result, the vastness of the park ensures you don’t have to wait in super long lines while waiting your turn for a ride.

Unleash at Water park!

Spend your afternoon in the water park, sliding down, slide after slide as you enjoy the chill of the water. The sun keeps you warm and toasty while having fun at the waterpark. Besides, be sure to carry a change of clothes as you will want to stay longer and explore more of the park.

Legoland Waterpark
Atop view of Legoland waterpark

Explore the Lego city

In addition to water park, the amusement park is home to Lego city. Explore how basic physics helps your kids accomplish tasks at the imagination park. Allow your child’s inner curious scientist to explore building and construction aspects. Furthermore, watch your kids use large blocks of lego with an extra dose of fun. Enjoy the many games and rides at the land of adventure. Eat to your heart’s content at the many food stall options available at Legoland.

Explore the pretty exhibits and learn to build with Lego Blocks

At Legoland allow your inner child to take over, as you explore, learn and enjoy the games, puzzles and rides. Spend the day watching yourself enjoy and let loose and enjoy like a child in a toy store with no restrictions!

Finally, all you need to do is make sure to build your itinerary keeping a day aside for Legoland. Customise your itinerary on Locaguide and to make the most of this visit. Your local travel guide from Locaguide will book the tickets, and help you make the most of your day at Legoland.


Local Festival Of The Nine Emperor Gods In Ipoh

Nine Emperor GodsNine Emperor Gods Festival being celebrated at a temple

The Nine Emperor Gods is a festival celebrated to signify the return of the Nine Emperor Spirits to earth after their heavenly trip. Worshipped by the locals in the form of a single deity, Mazu; the festival continues for about nine days. It starts in the month of the ninth moon according to the Chinese Lunar calendar.

Celebrations of Nine Emperor Gods

The celebrations start at the temple and advance towards the local river. All the devotees dress in white and walk with incense sticks to welcome the spirits back to earth. The religious practices during this festival occur to be a bit unusual. This, in turn, will leave you spellbound as you watch the locals celebrate this homecoming.

A unique festival like this is best experienced with a local on your side. Opt for a guided tour of Ipoh town from Locaguide. Ask your local guide on how best can you get a hands-on experience of the festivities, the local celebrations and rituals. You may not have to impale yourself with cuts and piercings but rather just be a part of the celebrations. Stay with the local devotees overnight at the temples and help them prepare meals that they eat during the festival.

A group of devotees walking over a bed of ht coals
A group of devotees walking over a bed of ht coals

The temples during these nine days remain filled with bell chimings and continuous prayer chants can be heard all day long. While you will also spot devotees walking on coals of fire and climb ladders with blades on steps. All this along with the body piercings and slashings. Meanwhile, tourists from across the world throng Malaysia during this nine-day long festival to take a glimpse of it.

From watching the procession of people with piercings all over their body to eating the specially prepared vegetarian food; experience this celebration with the locals. During your tour of Ipoh make sure that Nine Emperor Gods festival definitely remains a part your itinerary, of things to go and see.


Sarawak Cultural Village – A living museum of culture

sarawak1Traditional wooden houses in the Kuching to Sarawak Culture village.

A short drive from Kuching is the Sarawak Cultural Village. The famous cultural park offers an insight into the local lifestyle of tribes. The village showcases cultural elements from the various ethnic groups of Sarawak. Ranging from traditional houses, locals wearing ethnic attire etc, the park has a lot to offer for all age groups.

Things to do

 Iban traditional dance performer
Iban traditional dance performer

The village staff here share stories and explain the way of life of the tribes as they welcome you into their homes. Explore their lifestyle and way of living as you walk around the village. In addition to houses, try your hand at hunting like the locals, or the blowpipes. Try to learn the local musical instruments and dance routines with the villagers. Furthermore, the cultural village offers many photo-worthy moments and dance performances. The experience they offer is something that will keep you talking about the troupe for days to come.

The locals of Sarawak village
The Bidayuh girls of Sarawak

Activities in Sculpture park

You can spend the afternoon walking in the sculpture park and reflecting on the meaning of stone art. Afterward, sit around the waterfall watching a performance by the locals, as you sip on one of the local teas.

Meanwhile, if you prefer some activity, you can go kayaking in the stream that flows through the village. Also, spend time at the beach near the village, swimming in the warm water and working up an appetite.

The Group of kayaks flowing down the river
The Group of kayaks flowing down the river

Finally, a meal at one of the many restaurants will give you a chance to try the traditional dishes of the Sarawak tribes.

 By the way, the best way to experience the Sarawak Cultural Village is with a local guided tour. Customise your itinerary with help from a local travel expert from Locaguide. Be sure to request for a guided tour of your liking to experience Kuching in the best way possible.



Witness the unique Langkawi squid challenge

Langkawi squid challenge 3

Watching someone fish can be quite boring, but watching over 25 teams trying to win a squid challenge may seem enthralling. A race which continues through the night and implies a whole different experience. The squid challenge held in Langkawi attracts people from across the globe. Some 100’s of kilos of squid are captured throughout the night. While planning your Langkawi itinerary make sure that you take into account the overstaying. Because watching and cheering multiple boat speed into the dark night forms a key highlight of the event.

Boat catching squids during the squid challenge
Boats catching squids

What happens in the squid challenge?

Starting at dusk, the sight of sea light up with the floodlights used on the boats makes it worth a watch. As the night progresses, you can see kilos of squid moved onto the shore and measured to declare the winners. Watch the locals use their age-old techniques to capture squid and compare them with foreigners’ method. The skills and different techniques set on display used to capture squids will leave you amazed.

A boat at the dusk
A boat at the dusk

Meanwhile, you can take part in cheering the fishermen along with the locals to see who wins the fiery competition. You can also walk around to try squids cooked in different styles and keep guessing who captures the most squids. Watching the men come back to shore to know their fate gets a lot of buzz from the beach. And everyone eagerly awaits the prize distribution. Almost every year a record stands broken, either in the kilo’s captured or the largest squid. Who knows, perhaps you get to witness a new record get made during the night?

For a long period, the community lived accustomed to it hence you cannot see the hype in the event. To obtain a part of this unique challenge, we recommend you to hire a local travel guide from Locaguide.  Your guide may give you access to the squid challenge and provide you with all the details. Whether to learn new things about the community or just for fun, Langkawi will never stay the same again!


Revel In The International Water Festival Of Langkawi

Water Festival Of Langkawi 2

On your Malaysia tour, do not miss the Langkawi Water Festival if challenges and water equally excite you. Started in 2002, this international water festival grew over the years to everyone’s liking. It includes multiple fun games and beach parties and food stalls that take you on a sensory roller coaster ride.

Take part in the water festival

As part of the festival, you can choose to participate in a wide range of competitions. Test your skills against the locals and other tourists from across the globe. Experience an adrenaline rush from kayaking between the islands or enter the sandcastle building competition to show your creative side. Get a chance to participate in an underwater treasure hunt or stay dry as you compete in a beach volleyball tournament. If you prefer something less strenuous, but still want to compete, then try your luck at the many fishing competitions. Also, set out to win the title of the slippery pole challenge.

Even if you do not wish to compete, the Water festival is still worth it. Witness some of the crazy activities, loud cries and fiery race among the competitors. Join in for the music and dance celebrations on the last day. You can also gorge on some yummy food available throughout the festival. The Water Festival definitely increases the number of things you can do in Langkawi. While at the festival make the festival a lasting experience.

To enjoy the festival thoroughly, we highly recommend you hire a local guide. He/ she will help you take part in the activities at the festival. Create a customised travel itinerary on a portal like Locaguide to include this event in your travel plan. By doing so, get easy access to participate in the event. Given the uniqueness of the event, this might become one of your favourite things to do in Langkawi!


The Annual Thaipusam Celebrations in Kuala Lumpur

post 28 Thaipusam img2

Thaipusam is believed to be the day goddess Parvathi gave her son Lord Murugan a powerful weapon to fight demons. Marked in the Hindu calendar as the full moon of the Tamil month of ‘Thai”, Thaipusam is an annual celebration, with colourful festivities taking place primarily in the Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur.

This festival is famous mainly because of the rituals the devotees follow to please and praise the Lord. Celebrated not only by the Indian community but also the locals and tourists who throng to Malaysia during the time, watching the Thaipusam celebration is an experience in itself. Many tourists plan their trip to Kuala Lumpur keeping the festival dates in mind.

Thaipusam rituals

As part of the celebration, devotees pierce their bodies with metal spears and climb up the 272 stairs to the top of the limestone hills to reach the Batu Caves. Inside the caves, numerous carvings depict tales of Hindu mythology, including a calming statue of Prithvi and a gigantic statue of Lord Hanuman.

The Festivities

The festivities take place over three days in Kuala Lumpur and start out in the early morning with a succession starting from the city’s oldest Hindu temple. A golden chariot carrying the statue of Lord Subramanian is escorted by thousands of worshippers till Batu Caves.

At the base of the hill, the devotees prepare themselves to offer thanks or pay penance to the Lord. Other than piercing themselves with spears, the devotees carry huge “kavadis” with offerings of milk and flowers. At the top of the hill, they offer their prayers and complete the rituals that follow. After the three days of festivities, the procession returns to the temple with the devotees walking along, singing and beating drums to keep the morale up.

If you are planning a visit to Kuala Lumpur and if it happens to be at the time of Thaipusam, your local guide from Locaguide will be able to help you witness this grand celebration and even participate if you wish to offer your prayers to the Lord.0


Cliff jumping at Jimbaran Panorama Point

Post 6 Jimbaran Panorama Point Img2

If you’ve ever wanted to try the adrenaline-pumping sport of cliff jumping, Bali’s got a special treat for you.

Located close to the Tegal Wangi Beach around the sapphire-blue Jimbaran Bay is a stunning series of cliffs that drop into 5 to 10 metres into the crystal-clear sea.

The short trek down to these cliffs and the sport itself is the perfect way for you and your friends to spend an adventurous afternoon together.

Cliff jumping at Jimbaran Panorama Point
Cliff jumping at Jimbaran Panorama Point

Though the cliffs are not too high, you’ll see many jumpers showing their skills off here. It’s the perfect place for cliff jumping rookies, who are looking for something exciting but not too intimidating. Add to that, the sheer beauty of this spot and you know you’re in for a good time!

How to get there

The Jimbaran Panorama Point might seem a little difficult to find and navigate, especially for a first-timer. The presence of a local guide is advised to take you down the steep mud and rock trail through thickets that leads to the cliffs. You travel guide from Locaguide will take you safely to the cliffs and also show you local favourites like the secluded Jimbaran Beach, also called the Honeymoon Beach. As you will notice, around sunset, the beach gathers a crowd of many locals to enjoy a spectacular sunset. The beach is also not too far away from resorts, so you can always head back to your hotel if you want to.

Cliff jumping at Jimbaran Panorama Point
Cliff jumping at Jimbaran Panorama Point

Another great way to enjoy the Jimbaran Panorama Point is by bringing along a snorkel, so you can experience the underwater life below the cliffs. Before you think of diving into the water though, it’s wise to make sure the tide is high. Also, since there are many sharp rocks at the bottom, consult your guide who can show you the best places to jump from and the best tide pools to explore at the bottom. 7


The Iconic Kite Festival of Bali

Post 7 Bali Kite Festival Img1

The Bali Kite Festival embodies everything the island remains known for – culture, beauty and unadulterated fun. This annual festival takes place between the months of July and August (sometimes in October) during the dry season. This in order to leverage the wind that allows the kites to soar high. It’s rare to see Bali’s bright blue sky free of colourful kites at this time. The air remains filled with Gamelan orchestra music, giving the whole experience a more exciting feel.

Historically celebrated to thank Hindu deities for a bountiful harvest. Today, it is easily one of the most spectacular kite festivals in the world. 


Kite Festival of Bali
Kites flown during the Festival of Bali

History of the kite festival celebration

Kites in Bali come in different symbolical forms, with fish (Bebean), bird (Jaggan), and leaf (Pecukan) shapes being the most popular. These traditional kites are handmade and denote a real joy to watch them in the making. For instance, you can watch the Jaggan kites fitted with a guwungan. Guwungan is a tightly stretched ribbon that vibrates in the breeze to create a soothing humming sound. Create a personalized trip itinerary with help from a local travel guide from Locaguide. This will make you include a behind-the-scenes tour of kite making workshops.

Kite Festival of Bali
People at the kite Festival of Bali

If you want to fly a kite yourself or participate in the kite flying competition, then the eastern coast of the Padang Galak is the best place. The largest event, the International Kite Festival held at the Sanur beach attracts contestants from all over the world. Best to keep in check if any changes occur in the festival dates due to weather conditions. Once the dates remain frozen, connect with Locaguide and request for a local tour guide for an amazing experience in Bali!


The traditional Legong dance of Bali

Post 16 Legong dance of Bali Img1

The spirit of Bali has always been in its ancient Hindu traditions, beautifully infused into its art and culture. The music and the dance-dramas of this mystic place derive their storyline and characters from the ancient Hindu scriptures, prominently the Ramayana, often entwined with various elements from the Balinese historic kingdoms. The traditional Legong is one such dance form.

The Legong dance, which has become a Balinese cultural emblem to the outside world, is one of the most popular among a list of cultural dance performances native to this magical island.


Historical significance

The dance, which developed during Bali’s feudal era, is usually performed by three young girl dancers. One of them acts as a maid, who dances the opening act and the other two dancers perform the main part. Beautifully dressed in colourful attires, the dancers look as traditional as you’d imagine — with gold brocade costumes, intricately-designed gold ornaments, and headdresses decorated with frangipani flowers.

Legong dance
Legong dancers

Traditionally a long ceremonial dance performance, the Legong, when performed for guests, is abridged to a 90-minute version. There are various versions of the Legong dance, and the most popular among them is the Legong Keraton, which developed in the 1920s.

The dance can be seen throughout Bali during festive seasons, but in Ubud and Sukawati, it is performed round the year for tourists. A local guide can be booked with Locaguide, who can take you to the best Legong performance available for your convenient date and time.

Legong dance
Legong dancers performing

With the help of the local guide, you can ensure that you get a legit ticket to one of these dance performances without getting duped by children who try selling these ticket along the way to the show. Usually, the ticket also functions as a brochure explaining the performance, so that you get the essence of what is being enacted. Each slight finger movement, facial expression, footwork, and gesture of the Legong dance has a meaning attached to it, and your guide could also help you understand the various nuances during the show.

A holistic Balinese experience is impossible without witnessing one of these traditional dance-drama forms of Bali, such as the Legong dance. Arrive early at the place your local guide recommends, get a front-centred seat, and enjoy the performance to its fullest!0