Visit the mighty Seven Wells Waterfall of Langkawi

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Telaga Tujuh, as the Seven Wells Waterfall is locally known, is the occurrence of seven wells that go on to overflow into each other, almost like seven natural infinity pools combined to give birth to one big waterfall. Located a short trip from Langkawi town centre, this collection of pools will take you back to your childhood days, when pools of water meant slides and swimming.

Seven Wells Waterfall, Waterall, Wanderlust, Travel, Beauty, Nature

How to get there

Like all things good, to truly enjoy the splendour of the waterfalls you have to work a little and walk up till the top, but be assured all that exercise is worth it all once you reach the top and slide into the higher pools. The walk to the top is gorgeous in itself and allows you to walk through the rainforest and experience the beauty of the place up close.

After almost an hour of climbing, you will be able to admire the work of nature, as the rocks have been polished and smoothed by the flowing stream of water to form a slide into the pools. After all that climbing and trekking, you won’t be able to resist sliding into one of the shallow pools for a swim and the perfect spot to just absorb the beauty of nature. While most of the view is of the surrounding flora and plant life, you can also spot the gorgeous blue waters of Buara Bay!

Seven Wells Waterfall, Waterall, Wanderlust, Travel, Beauty, Nature

The view from the top and the adrenaline rush from all the trekking up makes you realise why the Telaga Tujuh are on every tourist’s list of places to visit near Langkawi.

But here’s a word of caution when you visit this waterfalls. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, so be sure you take care while getting in and out of the pool, as well as on the rocks near the cliffs as they can be very slippery. The safest and most convenient way to pay a visit to this natural wonder is with a local travel guide who can guide you every step of the way. Hire a local guide from Locaguide and take his help to explore this place. He will be the perfect person to tell you how to stay safe and also keep the pesky monkeys, that trouble the climbers, at a distance.

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