About Us

A meticulously designed canvas of unchartered destinations, exquisite recipes, cultures unheard of, locales which the locals reveal only to the select few, Trip canvas aims to capture the unknown to make every vacation a worthwhile experience.

Age old traditions blend with contemporary yet popular travelogues as TripCanvas’ team of experts strive to bring to our readers the most unique of locales and cultures detailed to the minutest.

Our Approch

Each snippet (blog post) thoughtfully curated and researched provides authentic and explicit knowledge about your dream destination and present it to you in a simplistic and minimalistic way.

Our Story

TripCanvas was born essentially out of experience. The petite yet critical space that has been left void for want of good and well explored information about unknown locales, cultures and gastronomic marvels.

Our Team

The team maketh the company”. TripCanvas boasts of professionals with diverse skillsets with a single-minded goal to enable travelers with vital information on the unknown. A strive to bring together the best of bloggers who provide our travel enthusiasts with soul-stirring and godly experiences of nature, food, and culture.


Trip Canvas and its bloggers aims to empower travelers with deep knowledge of terrain and people.