Witness the unique Langkawi squid challenge

Langkawi squid challenge 3

Watching someone fish can be quite boring, but watching over 25 teams trying to win a squid challenge may seem enthralling. A race which continues through the night and implies a whole different experience. The squid challenge held in Langkawi attracts people from across the globe. Some 100’s of kilos of squid are captured throughout the night. While planning your Langkawi itinerary make sure that you take into account the overstaying. Because watching and cheering multiple boat speed into the dark night forms a key highlight of the event.

Boat catching squids during the squid challenge
Boats catching squids

What happens in the squid challenge?

Starting at dusk, the sight of sea light up with the floodlights used on the boats makes it worth a watch. As the night progresses, you can see kilos of squid moved onto the shore and measured to declare the winners. Watch the locals use their age-old techniques to capture squid and compare them with foreigners’ method. The skills and different techniques set on display used to capture squids will leave you amazed.

A boat at the dusk
A boat at the dusk

Meanwhile, you can take part in cheering the fishermen along with the locals to see who wins the fiery competition. You can also walk around to try squids cooked in different styles and keep guessing who captures the most squids. Watching the men come back to shore to know their fate gets a lot of buzz from the beach. And everyone eagerly awaits the prize distribution. Almost every year a record stands broken, either in the kilo’s captured or the largest squid. Who knows, perhaps you get to witness a new record get made during the night?

For a long period, the community lived accustomed to it hence you cannot see the hype in the event. To obtain a part of this unique challenge, we recommend you to hire a local travel guide from Locaguide.  Your guide may give you access to the squid challenge and provide you with all the details. Whether to learn new things about the community or just for fun, Langkawi will never stay the same again!


Revel In The International Water Festival Of Langkawi

Water Festival Of Langkawi 2

On your Malaysia tour, do not miss the Langkawi Water Festival if challenges and water equally excite you. Started in 2002, this international water festival grew over the years to everyone’s liking. It includes multiple fun games and beach parties and food stalls that take you on a sensory roller coaster ride.

Take part in the water festival

As part of the festival, you can choose to participate in a wide range of competitions. Test your skills against the locals and other tourists from across the globe. Experience an adrenaline rush from kayaking between the islands or enter the sandcastle building competition to show your creative side. Get a chance to participate in an underwater treasure hunt or stay dry as you compete in a beach volleyball tournament. If you prefer something less strenuous, but still want to compete, then try your luck at the many fishing competitions. Also, set out to win the title of the slippery pole challenge.

Even if you do not wish to compete, the Water festival is still worth it. Witness some of the crazy activities, loud cries and fiery race among the competitors. Join in for the music and dance celebrations on the last day. You can also gorge on some yummy food available throughout the festival. The Water Festival definitely increases the number of things you can do in Langkawi. While at the festival make the festival a lasting experience.

To enjoy the festival thoroughly, we highly recommend you hire a local guide. He/ she will help you take part in the activities at the festival. Create a customised travel itinerary on a portal like Locaguide to include this event in your travel plan. By doing so, get easy access to participate in the event. Given the uniqueness of the event, this might become one of your favourite things to do in Langkawi!


Get acquainted with local culture at Mari Mari Cultural Village

Mari Mari Cultural Village 4

A short trip from Kota Kinabalu, Mari Mari constitutes a village where the ethnic culture of the Borneo tribes is kept alive. The village houses five of the indigenous Borneo tribes, who continue to live in their old ways. Every tribe’s lifestyle, culture and history tell a different yet fascinating story.

The tribes of Borneo in their traditional costumes
The tribes of Borneo

You get a first-hand view of their way of life, work, customs, traditions and their clothing. Also, know what sets them apart from each other. Everyone who visits the village learns about the tribe’s rich past and ancient customs of the tribes. You can partake in each of the custom and activity to experience them personally. Every tribe showcases their hunting and survival skills to the tourists. Thus, altogether making it a fun excursion.

Things to do at Mari Mari Cultural Village

You can taste their traditional food, see how the dish is prepared and perhaps even try your hand at it. Moreover, while dining, each tribe will share with you how their tribe name came about and what it stands for. The experience of eating in an antiquated village will stay with you forever.

A traditional Rungus house
Traditional Rungus house

Spending half a day at the cultural village lets you explore activities each belonging to one of the five tribes. You can also sit back and enjoy the cultural performances or take part in them alongside the locals. The village surrounding remains a natural habitat of rainforest trees thus keeping you away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

A group of tourists observing traditional cooking
Group of tourists observing traditional cooking

Gain hands-on experience in traditional bamboo cooking, fire starting or play a game of Congkak(Malay game).

Furthermore, the experience of visiting the Mari Mari Cultural Village gets even better with a local travel guide accompanying you. Someone who can help you translate and understand the stories of the tribes and help you grasp the true essence. Find yourself a suitable local guide from Locaguide and plan a personalized itinerary with their help. Visit this cultural village with your guide and get a glimpse of tribal life in the Borneo islands.