Babi Guling – Bali’s Iconic Local Dish

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One of the many things that differentiate a traveller or an explorer from a regular tourist is the way they approach the food of the land they travel to. If you’re a traveller on a gastronomical expedition, you shouldn’t miss out on the iconic roasted pork dish of Bali, The Babi Guling. 

Babi Guling, which translates to ‘turning pig,’ is a classic Balinese dishes. It’s truly an unlikely find in a country with the largest Muslim population on the globe.

Traditionally used as offerings to please the Balinese Hindu Gods, with the whole pig served to signify sublimity and perfection.

Know more about Babi Guling

As the name suggests, the entire pig’s stuffing includes a mix of spices including lemongrass, garlic, turmeric and coriander seeds. It is then slow-roasted on an open fire or hand-turning spit roaster  —  giving it a unique texture and taste, unlike any pork dish you find anywhere else in the world. However, the dish is not just about the meat. A good part of your serving would also have fluffy rice and good vegetables like beans and salam leaves.

Babi Guling
Babi Guling

Bali owns a lot of food joints serving the dish, but the best ones remain in Ubud and adjoining places. Your local guide can help you point to the best places that serve the most authentic Babi Guling. If you happen to visit the northern villages of Bali, like Kubutambahan or Bengkala, you can also witness its preparations. You can also get to dine on an authentic Babi Guling feast.

Order a generous platter of the Babi Guling served with a uniquely-flavoured crispy crackling. With its every bite you can feel it melt in your mouth into literally nothing! If you occur to explore Bali like a local, ask Locaguide for a fully-customisable itinerary and guided tour.

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