3 famous Nyonya dishes you must try in Malacca

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The best way to explore Malaysia and its culture is through the various cuisines available in the country. Over time each cuisine has adapted to the changing times and preferences. The perfect blend of Malaysian and Chinese cuisines, Nyonya dishes are a mouthwatering mix of zing, spice and fragrances. If you are visiting Malacca, do try out some of these dishes to get a taste of authentic Nyonya food.

Laksa Nyonya

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A tantalising dish consisting of a soupy coconut curry, Laksa Nyonya can be eaten with noodles or vermicelli. As you tour the city of Malacca you will notice multiple variations of this dish, from the prefered meat they use to the ever-changing garnishes. The richness, hint of sweetness and heavily spiced coconut gravy is the perfect meal to end your day of sightseeing. Laksa Nyonya truly is food for the soul.

Ayam Pongteh

Nyona Laksa, Food, Culture, Foodies, Food bloggers, Delicious, Cuisine, Cendol, Desserts, Sweettooth

If you want a more wholesome meal to get you through the whole day of walking around Malacca and exploring the tourist spots, then Ayam Pongteh is the dish for you. Usually prepared a day prior to help enhance the taste, Ayam Pongteh is a satisfying stew of chicken and potato in a base of thick gravy, served with a side of rice. Perfect dish to explore the food culture of Malacca.

Nyonya Cendol

Nyona Laksa, Food, Culture, Foodies, Food bloggers, Delicious, Cuisine, Cendol, Desserts, Nyonya, Sweettooth

No one can end their Malaysian holiday without trying the local favourite dessert of shaved ice with red beans, green jelly-like rice noodles, creamy coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. The dish has a subtle smoky aftertaste and is not pungently sweet. This shaved ice dessert makes the weather of Malacca much more bearable and is the perfect excuse to walk around exploring more of the city as you munch on this delicious thirst quenching dessert.

The best way to get a taste of the local food in Malacca is to take a food walk with a trusted local guide who can take you to the best places to eat. Locaguide’s¬†travel expert can take you on a guided tour around the city and help you find those hidden spots that may not be known to everyone. If a trip to Malacca is on your mind, then a Nyonya food tour is a must!

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