An evening at Jonker Street Night Market

Jonker Street Night Market 1

The perfect end to a day-long city tour of Malacca is shopping and dinner at Jonker Street. As the sun starts setting, the street starts bustling with life. The street lights up as food stalls start operations, filling the air with mouthwatering smells and hawkers start shouting to sell their wares. From a quiet street, it starts to resemble a streetwide party with people eating, performing, selling and shopping!

Things to do and see

The night market at Jonker Street on the weekends proves to be the perfect setting for the locals and tourist to mingle. There are ample varieties of food to help you eat like a local, sampling and nibbling everything available from the multiple hawker stalls and restaurants around.

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The quirky presentation and lip-smacking smell of the foods make you want to try and taste everything you see and smell. The entire street turns into a stage for performances and live music setups and truly lets you feel one with the locals and experience the old Malacca heritage vibe of the city.

Shop till you drop

Walking down the street ensure you keep your eyes on not only the food but also the merchandise available for sale. You can buy everything and anything here during the night market! The street is lined with antique shops, shops selling handicrafts, local art pieces, jewellery and a lot more! Since the night market offers a whole variety of street shopping be sure to haggle for the best prices.

If you feel that the chaos and the bargaining may overwhelm you, why not take help from a local travel guide? Before you plan a trip to Malacca and visit the night market on Jonker Street, connect with a local tour guide from Locaguide and be sure to ask for his suggestions and tips. An evening at Jonker Street is bound to take you on a completely different high because of its infectious energy and is an unmissable experience in Malaysia.

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