3 Local Desserts You Shouldn’t Miss in Bali

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Whether you’re on a gastronomical expedition to Bali or just happen to be there on a visit, you never know when a sweet tooth comes a-knockin’. That’s why we made this list of the top-rated Balinese desserts that you absolutely should not miss! Try one of these unique local desserts and treat your taste buds during your stay in Bali (and thank us later!):

1) Jaja Laklak

Rice and rice flour desserts are quite a specialty in this part of the world. The Jaja Laklak is a customary Balinese cake that looks and tastes almost like a pancake, but it is sweeter and a lot tastier. It is served with palm sugar and shredded coconut as toppings to give the confectionary its saccharine appeal. Savour it with a cup of tea to get instantly addicted!!

Desserts - jaja laklak
jaja laklak

2) Klepon

Desserts in Bali

Also called, Onde-onde, this dessert is not only delicious but quite fun to eat too! Soft, chewy balls of glutinous rice filled with molten palm sugar bursting in your mouth, that’s Klepon for you. From local street vendors to the traditional Balinese markets, you can find Klepon almost everywhere in Bali. But watch out, they are so addictive, you’ll lose count of how many you’ve had!

3) Pisang Goreng

Desserts in Bali
Pisang Goreng

For all those who love banana fritters, this one’s for you! The lip-smacking Pisang Goreng is a banana fritter variety that you can get anywhere in Bali. To give it a whole new dimension of taste, the Balinese serve the deep-fried Pisang Goreng with honey and ice cream toppings. Now, go, get your chompers ready!

During your trip to Bali, don’t forget to try these desserts either to end a meal or simply as snacks between meals! Your tour guide from Locaguide will be able to take you to the right places, only known to the locals, so you have the most authentic experience!

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