Ride the steepest cable car in the world at Langkawi

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If you want to feel on top of the world, then riding the Langkawi Cable Car is a must! Also known as the Langkawi SkyCabs, the cable car rides offer a panoramic view of the entire island of Langkawi and its surrounding regions. High enough to get a direct view of the waterfalls and flora, the cable cars also allow you to spot the wildlife on the island.

steepest cable car

The Experience

Starting at the foot of Mt. Machincang, the cable cars go all the way till the top of the mountain at about 708 meters above sea level. The entire ride is split into two halves and you have the option of getting down at the middle stop.

The middle station allows you to walk till the viewing deck and get a closer look at the flora and birds around. And if you are lucky, you may even be able to see some wildlife catching up on their daily nap. If you want to include some activity into your day, you can opt to use the Sky trail and trek up from the middle station to the top. The rewarding view at the end is motivation enough to ensure you complete the trek.

steepest cable car

If you take the cable car further up to the top station, you will be welcomed with an unparalleled view of lush tropical forests and the surrounding ocean and islands. You can see the bigger picture, literally, with multiple sites and monuments all visible in the same frame from that height. Once at the top, walk along the Sky Bridge if you want to see the view of the mountains from a different perspective. Later, indulge in a meal 700 meters above sea level – the perfect reason to just cherish the view for a bit longer, before you begin the ride down

A Guided Experience

When planning your Langkawi itinerary, make sure to add a pit stop at the Langkawi Cable Car for a thrilling experience. Build a personalised itinerary with Locaguide and talk to your designated local travel expert to make time for this activity. Ask your local guide to also help you plan your day so you get to the top of the mountains at the right time to enjoy the view.

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