Experience local island life at Genting Village

A beach

Located in the western coast of Tioman island, Genting village is a small local village stretching 1.5 km along the coast. Nestled between the sea and lush rainforest, the pristine village spoils you with choices of places to visit, stay and eat.

The Genting Village
The Genting Village

Things to do at Genting village

You can spend your time exploring the village or relaxing on the clean sandy beaches. While here, learn about the village and its multiple spots just like the locals and discover their way of life. Take a stroll around the village to find the local wildlife and the flora and fauna of the island along the walkways. Also, explore the wooden houses the village is known for and shop local goodies at the multiple shops selling everything. You can find yourself some souvenirs to take back for your friends and family from your holiday on Tioman island.

Speak with a local guide from Locaguide about the best eating places and mingle around with some of the locals. It might leave you amused to see them share pieces of anecdotes about their life on the island. Or you can sing with them the local songs at multiple karaoke spots across the village. Thus, interacting with them is the best way to unravel local spots in the village’s coastline. Moreover, to just enjoy the sun, sand and sea minus the crowds; and lose yourself to the salty air as you indulge in local snacks by the seaside or take a dip into the clear blue waters.

A place around Genting village
A place around Genting village

If you want to explore beyond just Genting Village, then take suggestions from your guide on the nearby villages. You will find plenty of accommodation options here. Meanwhile, you could also opt for a homestay if you want a taste of the local lifestyle. Or maybe stay at one of the chalet-style hotels that stand strewn all over the island.