An evening at Jonker Street Night Market

Jonker Street Night Market 1

The perfect end to a day-long city tour of Malacca is shopping and dinner at Jonker Street. With the setting sun, the street starts bustling with life. The square lights up filling the air with mouthwatering smells as hawkers start shouting to sell their wares. It goes from being a quiet street in the day to resembling a party at night. 

Things to do at Jonker Street

The night market at Jonker Street on the weekend proves to be the perfect setting for the locals and tourists to mingle. So, enough varieties in the food will help you eat like a local. Sample and nibble at the multiple hawker stalls and restaurants around.

The night market at Jonker Street
The night market

The quirky presentation and aromatic smell of the food will make you want to taste everything that catches the eye. The entire street turns into a stage with live performances and music events set up. The setting seems magical and will truly make you feel like a local.

Among locals, Chicken rice balls, Satay Celup, Nyonya Laksa and Gula Melaka cendol stay on the top of the list.

Shop till you drop

On your walk along the street ensure to keep an eye out on the merchandise available for sale. You can buy anything and everything during the night market. The street is lined with antique shops, shops selling handicrafts, local art pieces, jewellery and a lot more. The night market offers a whole variety of street shopping so haggle for the best prices.

Opt for a local travel guide if the chaos and the bargaining overwhelm you. Connect with a local tour guide from Locaguide before planning a trip to Malacca. Make sure to take suggestions and tips from your guide while purchasing stuff on the Jonker street. An evening at Jonker Street takes you on a completely different note because of its infectious energy.


Take a food-walk through Jalan Alor

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If food is an integral part of your perfect holiday, if you are curious about local cuisines or if you love exploring a culture through its food, then multiple visits to Jalan Alor is what you have to include in your tour of Kuala Lumpur.

The food lovers paradise

Jalan Alor is a one of a kind food destination located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As you step onto the busy street, you can sense the change of smell in the air. The modern shopping malls are replaced with hundreds of stalls and small food carts selling all kinds of local dishes. The splash of colors, vendors calling for your attention, music playing from buskers, light smoke and wok-clunking melody coming from stir-frying, barbecue and meat-grilling actions all create an atmosphere completely different from any other part of the city.

A street that starts off calmly during the day transforms into a bustling hub of activity as the sun goes down. It has become a food haven for tourists and locals alike. Offering some of the best culinary delights of Malaysia, the street is filled with dining tables arranged at the centre and rows of hawker stalls on either side of the road. Frequented not only by tourists but locals as well, the stalls offer unique dishes from across the country. A food walk through this vibrant street is one of the top activities in Kuala Lumpur and a travel guide from Locaguide will be a perfect company to help you swim through this sensory overload! Ask your guide for food and restaurant recommendations depending on what you like to eat and he will be able to point you in the right direction.

Bring your appetite on your visit to Jalan Alor. Be it the succulent dumplings, dozens of varieties of noodles, grilled meats or even the local favourite, chicken satay, it’s hard to run out of options at Jalan Alor! Offering not just food but the culture of Malaysia for everyone to experience, this street shows you that diversity does not exist in just the people of Malaysia but in its food culture as well.