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Batik Art is a traditional art form that has been in practice for over 2,000 years in Indonesia. No one returns from a trip to Indonesia without buying some form of Batik paintings, be it as an art or be it in the form of clothes.

With its origin in the Java island of Indonesia, Batik painting is essentially a manual dyeing technique used to create patterns and designs on fabric, and involves a lot of skill, patience and practice.

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The first step in the complicated dyeing process of a batik painting is to stretch a piece of fabric onto a frame and stamp the desired design using a mixture of beeswax and resin. Contemporary Batik art pieces often have more intricate designs hand-drawn on the fabric. Using a pen-like instrument called “canting”, artists draw the hot wax onto the fabric. The canting is made up of a copper tip, for the wax to flow smoothly and a wooden holder, so that the hot wax does not burn the hand.

Batik, Art, Dye, Fabric, Artwork, Tradition, Indonesia, Batik Art

Then comes the actual dyeing part where the colours are slathered on the fabric. Once dried, the dye is set by soaking the fabric in a tub of fixative. This process is repeated to add more colours to the fabric. 

If this kind of artform intrigues you, ask your travel guide from Locaguide to help you find and register you for a hands-on Batik painting workshop, that gives you the chance to create your own Batik masterpiece. Learn this skillful artform and then sit back and listen to local stories as your Batik fabric gets ready to go home with you.

In case you’re not keen on learning but just want to purchase a painting as a souvenir, your guide will be able to show you how to identify if your painting is truly a batik piece or just a one-sided screen printing. Whether you attend a workshop or simply buy a painting, this unique local art is sure to add another dimension to your Indonesia trip.

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