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Revel In The International Water Festival Of Langkawi

Water Festival Of Langkawi 2

On your Malaysia tour, do not miss the Langkawi Water Festival if challenges and water equally excite you. Started in 2002, this international water festival grew over the years to everyone’s liking. It includes multiple fun games and beach parties and food stalls that take you on a sensory roller coaster ride.

Take part in the water festival

As part of the festival, you can choose to participate in a wide range of competitions. Test your skills against the locals and other tourists from across the globe. Experience an adrenaline rush from kayaking between the islands or enter the sandcastle building competition to show your creative side. Get a chance to participate in an underwater treasure hunt or stay dry as you compete in a beach volleyball tournament. If you prefer something less strenuous, but still want to compete, then try your luck at the many fishing competitions. Also, set out to win the title of the slippery pole challenge.

Even if you do not wish to compete, the Water festival is still worth it. Witness some of the crazy activities, loud cries and fiery race among the competitors. Join in for the music and dance celebrations on the last day. You can also gorge on some yummy food available throughout the festival. The Water Festival definitely increases the number of things you can do in Langkawi. While at the festival make the festival a lasting experience.

To enjoy the festival thoroughly, we highly recommend you hire a local guide. He/ she will help you take part in the activities at the festival. Create a customised travel itinerary on a portal like Locaguide to include this event in your travel plan. By doing so, get easy access to participate in the event. Given the uniqueness of the event, this might become one of your favourite things to do in Langkawi!


Visit the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

A beach at the Marine Park

Located a short ferry ride from Kota Kinabalu, the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is a group of five islands. They are situated off the coast of the Sabah state of Malaysia, in the South China Sea. The islands remain the perfect place to just spend a day eating, relaxing and enjoying the view. If you wish, you can spend all day on one of the white sandy beaches or go explore the islands. Known for their marine life, the islands constitute for some spectacular underwater life.

Aerial view of the Marine Park
Aerial view of the Marine Park

Out of the five islands, Gaya island is the largest and one of the more developed ones followed by Manukan and Sapi. These three islands attract all the tourists in the marine park, and for good reason(s). While Gaya holds some of the best resorts, Manukan and Sapi have world-class diving and snorkelling spots. You can choose to dive down and explore the coral reefs, or snorkel and watch the life underwater. Alternatively, activities like kayaking or parasailing are also popular ways to enjoy the marine park’s beauty.

How to get to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park?

To reach the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, try getting onto the first ferry from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal. Why first? so that you get ample time to island hop or spend exploring the underwater world. The last ferry back to the mainland leaves around 5 pm, so you get enough time to explore the islands. However, if you feel extra adventurous, you can camp or stay in a resort on one of the islands, if the weather permits it.

A jetty at Manukan Island
A jetty at Manukan Island

To make the most of your island discovering day, it is a good idea to be accompanied by a local tour guide. The one who would know how to explore the marine park and help you take your mind off the logistics. Consult a guide from Locaguide to plan your whole day and help you select the best diving and snorkelling spots.