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Taste authentic Ipoh OldTown White Coffee

A cup of coffeeA cup of OldTown White Coffee

Among other things, Ipoh is known as the hometown of the iconic OldTown white coffee of Malaysia. The Ipoh white coffee is nothing but lightly roasted coffee served with condensed milk, either hot or iced. The name comes from the light colour of the drink from its preparation. The drink is famous for its distinctive taste and aroma and is extremely popular among Malaysians in and outside Ipoh.

The Ipoh-style white coffee is an experience for the taste buds that you shouldn’t miss at any cost! Even if not a coffee drinker you need to try it at least once during your trip to Malaysia.

Sample at any OldTown White Coffee outlet

These days, Ipoh white coffee is available in several coffee shops in Malaysia, some dating back to old times and some contemporary. You may even find canned versions of it at convenience stores near you. But if you truly want to savour the authentic flavour, OldTown White Coffee is the perfect coffee shop to visit.

An OldTown White Coffee Outlet
An OldTown White Coffee Outlet

The best way to include this coffee shop in your itinerary would be to take a break during your city walk of Ipoh and stop by the flagship cafe for a snack and traditionally brewed white coffee. The coffee occurs slightly sweeter than regular coffee. Hot or iced, it makes up for a perfect drink while you explore the city of Ipoh. 

Usually crowded and thronged by locals, the OldTown White Coffee outlets possess a vibrant vibe. The staff makes sure that you have an experience that stands true to Malaysian hospitality. Take a break and enjoy your time while you stop by for a coffee and more.

While the coffee may seem too sweet for coffee connoisseurs, the experience of sipping on it may sound otherwise. This traditionally roasted and brewed white coffee at a vintage cafe is something everyone takes back with them from Malaysia. Make sure to add this to your itinerary so you can make one or multiple pitstops. Build a customised Ipoh itinerary on Locaguide and let Malaysia surprise you!