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Explore the Perak Cave Temple in Ipoh

Cave TemplePerak Cave Temple Ipoh, Malaysia

Whether or not a religious person, a trip to the Perak Cave Temple is something you can not miss when in Ipoh, Malaysia. Ipoh remains gifted with around 30 cave temples and the Perak Cave Temple is one among them. The limestone cave opens up to give a spectacular view of the golden Buddha Statue and other deities that the locals worship. The cave adorns itself with colourful artwork and ancient murals depicting characters and events from Chinese mythology. If you look closely, you can notice Chinese calligraphy painted on the walls depicting tales of the temple founders.

Golden statue of Buddha
Golden statue of Buddha

The Cavern of Perak Cave Temple

Once you move past the initial temple, you reach a narrow 400 steps stone stairway. The climb up those slippery stairs is worth the striking view of the city and its surrounding limestone mountains. Despite the long climb in the Malaysian heat, the caves on the top are surprisingly cool. You can unwind at the gazebos as you absorb the gorgeous view of the landscaped gardens in front of the temple. Meanwhile, you can even grab a bite and cup of tea at one of the small stalls found around the 

A scenic view from the temple gazebos
A scenic view from the temple gazebos

Ask your local guide from Locaguide to take you to the hidden stalls where you can have your fortune told. Or meanwhile, walk around to indulge in some retail therapy as you shop for souvenirs to take home from Ipoh.

The Perak Cave Temple serves as the perfect getaway if you want to enjoy your vacation in a natural setting. You get to explore the cave and its multiple spots that offer the breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Here, you can also try your hand at photography and capture some truly gorgeous pictures of the city down below.