Top 3 Sundanese street food in Bandung

Street foodStreet food in Bandung

Be it a gastronomical adventure or just a tour for a street-style lunch then Bandung makes sure not to disappoint you! Each food item tastes unique and delicious. But more importantly, the street food in Bandung remains one of the best ways to get a glimpse of Sundanese cuisine! So, the top three dishes you got to try from Bandung’s street food joints during your trip.

Sampling the dishes in Bandung

1. Combro

Combro is a super-Sundanese-snack and is had with your afternoon tea. It contains grated cassava(root vegetable) as its main ingredient and made into medium-sized balls filled with oncom — a traditional fermented Indonesian staple food made with soybeans, similar to tempeh( a soy product like that of tofu). The oncom-filled balls are then deep fried until the outer part becomes brown and crispy. Chew it with green chillies and experience pure bliss!

Crispy Combro served with tea
Crispy Combro served with tea

2. Bakso Tahu Goreng

Popularly known as Batagor, Bakso Tahu Goreng simply refers to Indonesian fried meatballs and tofu. Batagor, primarily, means a fried tenggiri fish dumpling served as a snack with a mildly spicy and aromatic peanut sauce. Relish this Sundanese dish at any popular Batagor outlet in Bandung and you sure will keep coming back for more!


3. Nasi Timbel

Nasi Timbel is a rice dish similar to lontong(compressed rice cakes); wrapped inside the banana leaf and steamed (or sometimes barbecued) until the leaf produces a pleasant aroma. And then served with a variety of side dishes — including fried chicken or beef, duck egg, tofu, a traditional hot sauce, and a special raw vegetable salad called lalab. In the meanwhile, this dish perfectly qualifies for lunch or supper.

Traditional Nasi Timbel
Traditional Nasi Timbel

Opting for a tour guide from  Locaguide can ease down your hunt for the best street food in Bandung. He/She can not only show you the best places but will also tell you about the history and traditions associated with these lip-smacking Sundanese dishes.

The sublime taste of the dishes, the use of unique spices, the perfect balance of saltiness, sweetness and sourness — Bandung’s food streets have everything that will make your tummy rumble in happiness!


Kawah Putih – Bandung’s Volcanic Lake

Post 19 Bandung's Volcanic lake Img2

If you’re travelling in South East Asia, there are some experiences that you must have at least once during your trip. One such incredible experience is visiting the volcanic lake called Kawah Putih in Indonesia. Kawah Putih lake, which is also known as the White Crater lake, is a splendid lake on a volcanic crater.

Located about 50 km south of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia, Kawah Putih is one of the two craters that make up Mount Patuha — an andesitic stratovolcano.

The most attractive feature of this place is, of course, the unusual colour of its water. The water in this lake is commonly turquoise in colour, but it could also differ at times from bluish green to milky white, depending on the Sulphur content in the lake. So, don’t be under a wrong impression — you can’t play in the water or swim here, as the lake is highly acidic due to the volcanic gases produced underground.

Kawa Putih lake
The landscape at Kawa Putih lake

That said, you can perfectly enjoy the splendid views from this amazing spot — it’s literally a photographer’s paradise.

How to get there

It takes almost 2.5 hours to reach Kawah Putih by car from Bandung. Take a local guide from Locaguide along with you to best enjoy your trip. He can take you around this stunning place as well as explain its significance, history, and the myths surrounding it — making your journey more interesting. When you get to the edge of the lake, you will be able to sense the significantly cooler temperature. This is because Kawah Putih is located at an altitude of 2430 meters above the sea level. So, it’s advisable that you carry a light sweater, as it might get a little chilly. Leave for Kawah Putih early in the morning to enjoy the pristine natural beauty at its best.

Bucket List worthy

The landscape at Kawa Putih lake is unlike anything you may have seen elsewhere – tree skeletons set against the impressive backdrop of mountains rising steeply from the crystal blue lake. This experience definitely ranks high on our list of top 10 things to see in Bandung. 0