The Iconic St. Paul’s Church of Malacca

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One of the most interesting attractions you cannot miss as you take a city tour of Malacca is the history-rich St. Paul’s Church. Built on the top of St. Paul’s Hill over 500 years ago, St Paul’s church is one of the first churches to be built in Malaysia and has its past deeply rooted in history.

The walk up to the church is crowded with people as locals set up food and souvenir stalls, making it a popular spot for taking photographs, gorging on some mouth-watering street food and buying souvenirs to take back home. Walk beyond the crowd to actually get a chance to relish the grandeur of the church and learn about its history.

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Take your time exploring and absorbing the vibe of the spiritual antiquity of the place. Despite being in ruins, the old church still has the majestic vibe of the Dutch era. Hear the tales of the rich history of the Church right from the time the Dutch built it, and the British colonised it, up to the stories about the Sultanate’s gain and loss of power. Walk around the church and search for signs of your own that stand as proof to all the stories of the past the church has been witness to. While the statue of St Francis Xavier and it’s lost arm adds to the list of stories of the church, the stained glass windows show how recent additions have been worked into the old architecture and enhance the mystic appeal of the church.

Given the rich and extensive history of this church, it may be a good idea to hire a local travel guide. Build a customised itinerary and find a local guide from Locaguide to show you around. While the church and its buildings take you back to the past, the view from the top of St. Paul’s Hill shows you the beauty of the city of Malacca of the present. The extra walk uphill is worth the city view it has to offer!



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