The Malay-style Melaka Sultanate Palace

Melaka Sultanate Palace 1

An identical replica of the original 15th-century palace, the Sultanate Palace is built at the base of St Paul’s Hill in Malacca. It is a cultural museum, home to the Malay side of Malacca’s history and a prominent cultural icon in this part of Malaysia.

What you can see there

As you walk in, the sultanate palace requires you to remove your footwear outside and enter the building bare feet. Moreover, the expansive palace gives you a glimpse into the rich past of the region. Relive the curiosity the locals felt when they saw the immigrants and traders in their costumes as you walk past the mannequins dressed as traders from across the seas.

Also on display are tools used by the locals for daily activities and recreational purposes. As you are walking through the palace, see if you can spot any nails used for building the palace. You won’t spot any as the whole place was built using the traditional method of ingeniously carved wood that fits together! Walking further into the palace, you can check out the grand throne room and learn about the life of the hero of the Malays. Furthermore once outside the palace building, you can cherish the gorgeous gardens built around it. Known as the “forbidden garden”, it was originally built by the Sultan for his harem.

A Guided Experience

Not sure how to make sense of all this history? Opt for a guided tour with a local travel guide from Locaguide, who will be able to share the tales associated with the kings, royals and the palace. Moreover the artifacts and architecture on display at the palace allow you to sense how grand the lives of the royals was and how they spent their time all those years back.

After witnessing and reliving all the grandeur and royalty of Malacca Sultanate Palace, a great way to end your city tour of Malacca is to unwind and shop for souvenirs or gorge on some local food in the streets nearby.

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