A Local Culinary Favourite – Nasi Padang

Local  dish of IndonesiaNasi Padang

Do you love experiencing the local culture when you visit a new country? If you do, then what better way to engage with the local community than through their food! Rest assured on your Indonesia tour because you get a wide variety of local food options to experience. The expansive food culture of Indonesia takes you on a gastronomic adventure. And Bintan Island stands no far behind in contributing to this experience. Ask your local guide for the meal everyone relishes and he/she remains bound to say ‘Nasi Padang’.

This Indonesian speciality is a style of steamed rice served with an array of pre-cooked dishes. True to its origin, these side dishes can vary from meat, fish, vegetables, and spicy sambals eaten with plain rice.

Experiencing Nasi Padang

A usual spread comprises of 12 dishes but you can also opt for a super lavish spread of 14 dishes. Defined through spices and a mix of local herbs, Nasi Padang remains one of the most flavourful and filling dishes. This seems as though Indonesia served to you on a plate. Most of the side dishes in Nasi Padang include curries but you get the option to add boiled dishes. The boiled dishes in a sambal base include deep fried seafood as well as grilled sides. Savour it best using hands and clean them with warm water and a slice of lime given at the end.

The sides served with Nasi Padang
The sides served with Nasi Padang

What better way to experience Indonesia than through its food along with the locals while discovering stories from the region. If you want to enjoy an authentic Nasi Padang during your stay, why not ask your local guide from Locaguide ? The guide will set it up for you. The unique flavour and assortment of dishes happen to leave you craving for more!

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