Indonesia’s most famous Salad – Gado Gado

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What if you were told that Indonesia had a salad that wasn’t really a boring salad but a wholesome healthy meal found in every home, street side stall and even fine dining restaurants? We present ‘The Gado Gado’

A beautiful amalgamation of rice, veggies, boiled eggs, potatoes, tofu and peanut sauce, your very first experience of Gado Gado will show you why it deserves a place in the list of national foods of Indonesia.

The Gado Gado: What is it ?

Gado-Gado literally means a potpourri. That’s the perfect description of this dish, a mixed-vegetable salad with a nutty dressing that is served in a variety of personalized modifications all over Indonesia. This go-to meal is always served with something crunchy –  prawn crackers, fried chicken or melinjo chips, made from the hard fruit of a tropical evergreen tree.

During your Jakarta city tour, you will come across multiple open-air eateries, locally called ‘warungs’ where you will see just how many incarnations the Gado Gado has across Indonesia. Trust your local guide to guide you to the best food cart around and order a version of the one dish meal that you would relish.

The Gado Gado
The Gado Gado

Gado Gado is one salad that has it all – sweet-and-sour taste complementing the roasted nuts and the subtle fish aftertaste of the sparingly used shrimp paste. Add to that Indonesia’s signature peanut sauce. However, this isn’t the same as the satay peanut sauce but is equally if not more satisfying.

Your tour guide from Locaguide will be able to take you to the best local warung to satisfy your cravings for this iconic dish from the kitchens of Indonesia. The beauty of Gado Gado is in its simplicity and that it can be had any way you like it, every version being equally exquisite. Have you thought of how many versions you are going to try when you go to Indonesia next?

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