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Banyuwangi’s G-Land – A Surfer’s Paradise

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Pristine waters, white sands and waves that are six meters tall – welcome to G-Land or as it globally called ‘Indonesia’s Surfer’s Paradise’. Located to the south of Banyuwangi city, G-Land derives its name from Grajagan, the bay that attracts tourists from all over the world. The waves here at Plengkung Beach are a huge draw for professional surfers given that one gets to experience seven huge rolls of waves that are nothing less than six meters in height.

Nicknamed the ‘Seven Giant Waves Wonder’, there is much to do at this tropical heaven. Whether you are a professional surfer looking to ride the gigantic waves of G-Land or a laid-back tourist looking to soak in the sun or simply enjoy nature at its best, Plengkung Beach never disappoints.

The waves at G-Land are second best in the world for surfing, Moreover they ranked above Australia and South Africa. Furthermore G-Land has also hosted international surfing championships and is best visited from the month of April through to August. To make the most of the locale, a Banyuwangi tour guide would be greatly helpful to experience the best of this region.

How to get there

Getting to Plengkung Beach is easy. You can opt for either of these routes. The first route is by land and is longer than the second option. The mode of transportation is by car and you will have to cover 86 km. Your journey will begin at Banyuwangi and take you via Kalipahit-Pasaranyar-Trianggulasi-Pancur to your destination at Plengkung. The second option is a land-water trip and you will have to cover around 53 km. This route begins at Banyuwangi and takes you to Grajagan via Benculuk then or the final leg of the journey, take a speedboat from Grajagan Beach and head to Plengkung Beach. To have a hassle free experience, just talk to your tour guide from Locaguide and seek his help in planning a visit to G-land.

Surfers Paradise

If an escape from your routine life is what you desire, G-Land is the best place to holiday in Banyuwangi. With no phone reception, you’re sure to relax and rejuvenate, far from hustle and bustle of life in the city. 


Explore Bali’s Hidden Canyon at Sukawati

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Snuggled away among the quiet villages of Sukawati is a little gem that though hidden, is no secret— the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon. It boasts remarkable rock formations and is a haven for those who want to enjoy some peace and solitude.

An excursion to this little paradise will excite the adventurous at heart with a 2-to-3-hour trek, involving rock climbing and wading through knee-deep water.

Bali’s Hidden Canyon at Sukawati
Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon

Beji Guwang’s deep and rugged ravine was formed with thousands of years of erosion from the Oos River. This eventually left it looking like the masterpiece it is today. The excursion will follow the Oos river and will take you through a set of three canyons, where you will navigate slippery rocks and varying water levels. You will trek for as long as you can enjoy the sunlight. If hiking isn’t really your forte, you can enjoy serene spots within the canyon that are perfect for yoga or meditation.  The raw beauty of the chasm is bound to enchant you. There are several sections hidden by a canopy of plants and trees that entwine themselves on the craggy surface of the rocks. So, it is always safer to call your guide in advance before you head out.

While you may like to venture out on your own, the slippery steep rocks can be risky to navigate, unless you have an experienced guide alongside. Locaguide can help you find a local tour guide who can not only help you navigate these canyons safely but will give you the chance to discover the lesser traveled parts of the gorge. You will need to do a considerable bit of climbing, jumping, balancing and pulling yourself up rocks, but they will seem much less daunting if there’s someone to guide you. 


Shop At Sukawati Art Market in Bali

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The moment you land in Bali, you’ll notice the rich cultural tradition of this fascinating destination. The influence of the traditional art is quite evident in everything you find here, The Sukawati Art Market is a must visit location. 

As any experienced tourist would tell you, if you wish to keep a souvenir of the distinctive Balinese art and culture, one of the best places you can check out is Sukawati Art Market or ‘Pasar Seni Sukawati’ as the locals would call it.

This sprawling traditional market, located in Jalan Raya, Gianyar, is well-known for its amazing artwork, sculptures, and hand-crafted items. Unlike many tourist shopping streets, everything in Sukawati Art Market is sold for a song!

What to expect

Sukawati Art Market is indeed a paradise for souvenir-collectors. The crowded market has everything, from handcrafted jewellery, bags, and accessories to wooden sculptures, traditional kites, framed paintings and ceremonial items at dirt-cheap prices. On the ground floors, you’ll mostly find colourful clothing stalls that sell all types of dresses and fabric. There is also an aromatherapeutic section towards the backside of the market, where you can buy aromatic candles, incenses, and fragrance oils.

Sukawati Art Market
Sukawati Art Market

The market at Sukawati is open on all days. You can find most stalls open even before the clock strikes 8 in the morning, and the pedlars awaiting their first visitors. The crowd would often start pouring in as early as 10 am. However, the best time to practice your bargaining skills would be in the late afternoon hours and evenings, until all the shops close at around 7 pm. Having said that, if bargaining is not your forte, having a trustworthy local guide with you in Bali will ensure that you’re not paying higher prices. A personalized guided tour with Locaguide will give you a unique experience of this traditional market.

So if you’re planning to visit Bali, don’t forget to pay a visit to this bustling local market where you’ll be looking at an entire collection of paintings, jewellery, handicrafts, and accessories made by the Balinese craftsmen. But even if you don’t end up purchasing anything, just a stroll through the market is bound to make your day come alive!


Secluded Beaches of Bali


Bali without a doubt has some of the best beaches in the world. Many of them are commercialized and crowded all year round. But there are some hidden beaches in Bali that are no less than gems. These pristine beaches are peaceful, away from all the noise and perfect to spend some private time.


5 Unusual Things To Do In Bali


Its the scenic beauty of lush green paddy fields, equatorial rainforests, volcanic mountains, pristine white sand beaches and the ancient temple architecture that draws one to the south-eastern paradise Bali; but there’s more in Bali for everyone. How about experiencing some unusual and unique activities in Bali, that you generally don’t hear out there? Here is a list of some of the fun things to do in Bali to make your trip an awesome one!