A’Famosa Fort – A slice of Colonial History in Malacca

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The Rich History of A’Famosa Fort

Built more than 500 years ago, the name A’Famosa Fort literally translates to The Famous Fort. Constructed by the Portuguese at the foot of St Paul’s Hill, only a tiny part of the fort is still left standing, a small Gate House, making it a must visit tourist spot during your Malacca tour.

A'Famosa Fort, Forts, History, Culture, Artifact, Sightseeing, Beauty, Ruins of forts, Art

Canons, markings and graves show that like St Paul’s Church, the fort too has been part of the Portuguese, Dutch and British rule of Malaysia. With every change of rule, the Fort was altered to leave proof of the reign of the new ruler, changing the purpose of the fort. Built at the foot of St. Paul’s hill, the fort is located between the city of Malacca and the sea, the neighbourhood has a village vibe while the fort extends the grandeur and royalty of the Portuguese era.

A'Famosa Fort, Forts, History, Culture, Artifact, Sightseeing, Beauty, Ruins of forts, Art

A Photography retreat

The fort is the perfect spot for practising your photography skills and the ruins of the fort lend an almost tragic feeling to the entire area. Take your time to explore and learn about the fort as you walk around capturing history in your photos. Moreover It goes without saying that the A’Famosa Fort has a lot of history associated with it which comes to light if you have the patience to dig deep. 

With so much to see and learn here, make sure to include the A’Famosa Fort in your itinerary. Build a personalised itinerary with Locaguide, with help from a local travel expert and plan a trip to this historic site. Moreover after exploring the fort and hearing tales of its rich past you can go around the stalls souvenir shopping or refresh and refill at the food stalls set up all around the neighbourhood. Closer to sunset, walk uphill to the top, for a view of the city of Malacca and the setting sun over the sea, that bring the day of touring the city of Malacca to a perfect end.

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