5 Unusual Things To Do In Bali


Its the scenic beauty of lush green paddy fields, equatorial rainforests, volcanic mountains, pristine white sand beaches and the ancient temple architecture that draws one to the south-eastern paradise Bali; but there’s more in Bali for everyone. How about experiencing some unusual and unique activities in Bali, that you generally don’t hear out there? Here is a list of some of the fun things to do in Bali to make your trip an awesome one!

Customize your own perfume

Bali Customize your own perfume
Customize your own perfume

Perfumes are an extension of your personality and everyone have their own taste in fragrances. But finding the right fragrance with lasting power can be a challenge. Oh wait! What if we tell you that you can make your own perfume from the scratch just the way you like it, with your choice of top, middle and under notes.

You can smell, mix and create a scent that probably would never have been created before! Head on to L’Atelier Parfums Et Créations.

Located at Nusa Dua and at Jimbaran head on for a 90 min or 3-hour workshop to create your own perfume and show off your own creation along with a certificate! Price starts from $80 USD onwards.

Traditional Bali Cooking

Bali Cooking
Bali Cooking

Learn how to cook traditional Balinese dishes with aromatic spices of Bali. Get hands-on experience in culinary secrets and cooking techniques of Bali. Prepare by yourself the traditional Balinese soup, Spicy Sambal Matah, Satay, Spiced fish in Banana leaves, the popular smoked duck, and vegetarian options like fried banana, coconut pancakes, and papaya soup.

Most of the classes are conducted with a beautiful view of the rice paddy fields. Try the Paon Bali Cooking Classes at Ubud Gianyar. Prices start from $30 USD onwards.

Being in a different country, this is definitely a fun experience and something that you can carry back home with you

Participate in Mepantigan (Martial Art Mud Wrestling)

Bali Mepantigan

Mepantigan is one of the traditional Balinese games where people compete in rice field mud, at the beach or any other open space. This sport is played in harmony which is why it is safe and fun.

It is a form of traditional Balinese martial arts to maintain physical fitness and to release stress in those who practice it.

This sport also extends to fun games like Dance, Drama, Tug-of-war, frog catching and more.

General fee for such courses start from $45 USD onwards

Visit to Bengkala – The Sign Language Village

For over seven generations, Bengkala village has had a high rate of deaf population since birth. Today, Bengkala is also known as the “Desa Kolok” – the deaf village. The people of the village have developed a unique sign language which has been the primary mode of communication since decades and is called “Kata Kolok” (the talk of the deaf).

It’s a great sight to see their dances which are synchronized without music, only using visual cues among each other to be in rhythm while performing. Tourists can also watch other ceremonies in the village, make donations and also learn a little sign language.

HasyaYoga – Sign up for Laughter Yoga

Bali HasyaYoga

Yoga is known for releasing stress for generations now. Indulge in this exciting activity with Kadek Suambara’s Yoga classes along with locals and other tourists for a fun session of relaxing the mind by turning negative energy into positive just by laughing, stretching and meditating.

All you have to do is laugh your heart out with some light stretching, early in the morning and you will go back feeling relaxed and refreshed. Prices start at $44 USD for a 90 min session.



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